From discovery to deciphering

Former editions

Thanks to these meetings, we have gone beyond the ecosystem discovery stage of the previous editions.

Discovery and findings

On October 9th, 2019, the SCC launched its 1st edition at Station F around the following question: How can we succeed in building up a French-Japanese co-creation environment? The answers to this question have first helped sketch out the outline of innovation in France and Japan. Many testimonies have highlighted the strong and weak points of both ecosystems, as well as how they complement each other.

1 Annual EVENT – 9/10/19

7 Distinguished guests:

Didier KLING, Chairman of the CEFJ & CCI Paris Ile-de-France,
Kat BORLONGAN, Director, French Tech Mission,
Susumu KATAOKA, Managing Director, Jetro Paris,
Nobuyuki IDEI, Foounder & CEO of Quantum Leaps & former CEO of Sony,
Anne LAUVERGEON, CEO of ALP & former CEO of Areva,
Luca VERRE, CEO, Prophesee.
Stéphanie HOSPITAL, CEO of OneRagtime (Moderator)

26 speakers

130 participants

Key topic
How can we succeed in building up a French-Japanese co-creation environment?

4 large groups
Air Liquide, Groupe Barrière, NTT, TF1

14 startups
Prophesee, Uptale, Omniup, Lemon Way, ispace, Life Pepper, Warp Space, SucreCube, FACIL’iti, Life is Tech USA Inc, Agorise, Hoomano, Antescofo, OTO Technology.

14 sponsors
ALP, Quantum Leaps, NTT, Air Liquide, Sigfox, Groupe Barrière, Dentsu Aegis Network, OneRagtime, BPI France, Outremer Network, Eiko, Elokami Production, Sony Innovation Fund,


For our 2nd edition, we wanted to adapt to the unusual context resulting from the pandemic by providing numerous sources of information on France-Japan innovation. Fifteen "SCC Tuesday" webinars or so tackling various topics were held between July and November 2020. The goal was to start a preliminary deciphering of innovation ecosystems by giving the floor to stakeholders from both countries. This series of webinars closed with a big digital event which gathered over 160 connected participants.

1 Annual Event – 3/12/20

8 Distinguished guests
Didier KLING, Chairman of the CEFJ & CCI Paris Ile-de-France,
Junichi IHARA, Ambassador of Japan in France,
Cedric O, Secretary of State for the Digital Transition and Electronic Communication;
Kouichi MUNEKIYO, Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry
Nobuyuki IDEI & Anne LAUVERGEON, SCC Ambassadors,
Master Junei NAKADA, Daigoji Temple, UNESCO World Heritage,
Luca VERRE, CEO, Prophesee, SCC Sponsor,
Kimiko IMAI, Founder & CEO / Sineora (Moderator)

40 speakers

Over 160 participants

5 key topics

How public and private sectors collaborate for Innovation & attractiveness? · How a university promotes entrepreneurship and open innovation?
How global corporates answer the open innovation challenges?
How to convince a new market?
How to support innovation and how to encourage entrepreneurship?

15 webinars

3 sponsors
JETRO Paris, Choose Paris Region, Groupe Renault.

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